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TiCoat has refined and improved upon a titanium dioxide photocatalyst technology first conceived more than 20 years ago. Our team recognized the need for a money and time saving cleaning solution that is effective and sustainable.

Today this U.S. manufacturing process provides the longest lasting, safe, fast-acting, self-cleaning and deodorizing surface coating available. It works in real time.

TiCoat is quick and simple to apply and most often is done one time. It only needs light, as oxygen and water are present in the air to continuously work 24/7. It doesn't transfer to other surfaces including people and food.

Most cleaning approaches require expensive harsh and toxic chemicals that leave a never-ending accumulation of residue. Other approaches simply won't stay on a surface long enough or they lose effectiveness over time. Without constant maintenance and reapplication, the moment the cleaning is finished any new contamination ignites the cycle all over again. These are not sustainable or reliable methods of cleaning and deodorizing.

TiCoat last for years and is Always Cleaning, All the Time.™

about us

TiCoat is a safe, long lasting, fast-acting, self-cleaning surface coating. It safely protects surfaces, keeping them cleaner, smelling better, and protecting anything it's applied to. TiCoat can be applied to any surface including solid and flexible surfaces even textiles - indoors or outside. TiCoat works continuously until it is abrasively removed or covered up.

TiCoat is a photocatalyst technology that forms a clear coating on surfaces and uses light (including LED), oxygen and water in the air to continuously clean. It works on smells too. Simply wipe the surface with a micro-fiber cloth and water to clean and let TiCoat do the rest.

Titanium dioxide photocatalysts have been known for decades for their ability to continuously clean surfaces. The challenge has been to attach these photocatalysts safely and securely to surfaces. TiCoat has perfected an inorganic binder that both protects surfaces and assures that the 100% Titanium Dioxide TopCoat stays in place - it won't fall off or transfer to other surfaces, including people and food.

Other approaches are not able to form a long-lasting bond to surfaces. The material simply falls off requiring constant reapplication and maintenance. In other instances, subpar performance is also the result as the coating material itself obscures the active ingredient, the titanium dioxide photocatalyst, from light or the water/oxygen necessary for the photocatalyst to work. With TiCoat, these limitations are permanently eliminated.

TiCoat creates a 100% titanium dioxide photocatalyst surface that works with ALL Visible light sources without limitation. It is exceptionally cost effective and is quick and easy to apply. It is the fastest acting - longest lasting - safe surface cleaner and deodorizer available.

TiCoat is safe for people, animals and aquatic life. TiCoat is also pH neutral, self-cleaning and an active deodorizer that produces no VOC's or SVOC's on application.

TiCoat can be applied to solid and flexible surfaces including textiles. The coating is clear and forms a durable finish that compares to a clear coat on a car. It lasts for years and does not degrade over time unless it is abrasively removed or covered up.

Routine cleaning is now simple and safe. Expensive harsh and toxic chemicals are no longer needed or the “go-to” choice. Cleaning a treated surface requires only a soft microfiber cloth and water. TiCoat does the rest.

The applications for TiCoat are truly endless. From OEM's to the neighborhood store. From hospitals to hotels. From schools to school buses. From ships to subways. From the office to the airport. Imagine the possibilities. TiCoat is U.S. owned and U.S. manufactured and provides technical and application support wherever it is needed.

Let us help you discover the possibilities today.

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